Out-going President’s Remarks (By George Reilly, July 16, 2012)

It’s been a good year for Rotary in Carleton Place and Mississippi Mills, despite some flip-flopping on our identity, and the loss of three valuable members.

Our projects went off extremely well, with best-ever results in Rose Sales (thanks to Brian’s great work), another well-attended and appreciated Senior’s Dinner (again so smoothly coordinated by Marion), and a sell-out of our Compost Sales (kudos to Mike and to Marion). Then we had our coup de grace, just last Wednesday, with the official opening of the Willoughby Rotary Park (with Marion and Gordon being our key players).

On the light side, both the bowling night in October, and the Night at the Races in May were fun fellowship events.

I’ve enjoyed the banter at our meetings from my “exalted position” at the podium, with my trusty gavel ever at the ready. As well as both enjoying and appreciating the array of very interesting programs that Mike so masterfully orchestrated. Out of the memory blur of Monday Meeting Speakers, Elsie Campbell and her hot-iron encaustic painting process, Bruce Rigby with his images of the Spartan life of living in Iqaluit, and Bea Osome’s passionate plea for clean water wells in her homeland of Kenya, stand out at the moment.

Periodic visits from Assistant District Governor David Batchelor I found very valuable, and the devoted efforts of Bernie, to keep us up-to-date on Rotary International affairs – and educate us week-after-week with his timely Rotary Tips – were very helpful at keeping the broader perspective of Rotary in mind.

The ever-fertile mind of our Secretary Doug was a constant stimulation. I greatly appreciated his ready response in a host of communications with the District and Rotary International, as well as contacts with city officials, donation recipients, potential fund raising partners, and sundry others.

And all that in addition to turning out the weekly Club Bulletin – I owe a big thanks to Doug…a great Club Secretary.

Alan, Robert, Doug, David K., and Arthur formed a great executive, making life quite easy for me sitting comfortably in the presidential chair.

Louise, with her caring support through whatever trials we had to struggle with, was an inspiration as she graced us with her presence whenever she could.

So now, it comes to the moment of my “passing on the torch”, so to speak. And I am very pleased to be able to hand things over to the truly capable hands of our Rotarian Robert. Good Luck in the coming year, Bob, and I am very confident that it will prove to be a major upward turning point in the fortunes of the Rotary Club of Carleton Place and Mississippi Mills.